You can find this information on the Job History page. 

To navigate to this page:

  1. Locate the tab marked History at the top of your screen

  2. Click it

  3. Select View Job History from the drop down menu

  4. Shows a screen showing your most recently completed jobs

To view more information about a specific job, select it, and to the right a menu will appear.

This menu includes information about:

  1. Version of ShotPut used in the job

  2. Size

  3. Start and finish date

  4. Number of files and folders included in the job.

Underneath this you have the options to select the actual file from the drop down list where more information is available. 

This information includes:

  1. Generated checksum values at the time of the job

  2. Generated media thumbnails

  3. Metadata

To generate reports based off of the selected file: 

  1. Click “Generate reports” in the upper righthand corner

  2. Select which reports you want generated

  3. Click OK

  4. Select the output folder

  5. Report automatically opens in finder. [You can also click on the blue report icon to open the location reports most recently generated for the job.]

Other options:

  1. Select how many jobs to keep in history

  2. See how much space your cached jobs are taking up on your hard drive

  3. Delete all job history

  4. Delete individual jobs

To watch the video tutorial on how to navigate the Job History page, watch this video from our YouTube channel.