Once a job is completed, click anywhere on the completed job to bring up the Job Details ViewIn the upper left of the job details view you can see the job name, and below that, what mode was used. 

Farther down are the specifics of the job, giving information on how many files, folders, sources, and outputs were involved in the job.

If you want additional information on the checksum types used, click the arrow to the left and a drop-down list appears. This list shows each type of checksum being used to verify your files as well as if directory checksums are being generated.

Job Progress Panel: Observe how much of the file has been replicated and verified and how much is left remaining. This view will update in real time for each stage. 

Replication Stage: Files are being read from the source and simultaneously written to each destination.

Verification Stage: Checksums will be generated for each destination and compared against the generated source checksums to confirm file integrity.

Report Stage: Observe how many reports have been generated, and how many are still left. The number of reports is based on the options selected in the Preferences menu.

The lower half of this page is the Job Flow View. It shows the file(s) you are offloading, the source, the device being used, and the destination. 

To the right of the destination is a preview of the folder name created by your offload. This visual is particularly helpful for keeping track of destinations when offloading to multiple drives.

To access the reports for your jobs: click the blue icon next to the report progress bar in the upper right. 

This will replace the Job Flow View with one containing your reports. By selecting the report name to the left, you can look through each of the reports you have enabled.

Additionally, you can navigate to the report in Finder by clicking on the icon for the specific report you are viewing. To return to the Job Path view, click anywhere on the Verify or Replication Progress bars or icons.

Still confused? A complete video tutorial going over Job Details can be found on our YouTube Channel here.