Perpetual License

A Perpetual License is a lifetime license purchased a single time. Perpetual Licenses come with 12 months of free updates. Once those 12 months have passed you retain ownership of you license and can continue using it. 

Keep in mind that while Perpetual means you always have access to the software, it does not mean Perpetual Updates. Older versions of our software may work on newer operating systems but that is not guaranteed. Sometimes older apps will work for years without issue, but sometimes Apple/Microsoft will make changes which prevent older versions of the apps from working on newer operating systems.

To ensure you have the newest version you must purchase an update plan to continue receiving updates. If you choose not to purchase the update plan you will always have access to the last update version at the time your Update Plan expired.

Rental License

A Rental License can be purchased for short term usage. There are 30 Day Rental Licenses available. Your 30 days begin upon license activation, NOT at the time of purchase. 

*NOTE* Rental Licenses must be activated with the license code NOT the email address and password.