Depending on how many files you are archiving, this can take a while to complete so please be patient with the process. Here are a few other things to consider:

  • Something could have tripped up the database when updating. The good news is that the tape has been created successfully; just the copying of the tape’s index into the local computer database has stopped.
  • Cancel the backup (it’s finished anyway)
  • Unmount the tape
  • Go to the Retrieve tab, right click on the tape (if it’s there) and choose delete drive.
  • Now mount the tape, go to the Retrieve tab, right click on it and choose import files.

This reads the tape’s index and copies it into the database. You may need to restart the application to refresh the Retrieve dialog.

  • Separate archives into 500GB transfers, this will speed up the process because each file has to be written into the database and is represented by one line per file. If you have a few thousand files, you can imagine how long this can take! Smaller archives will speed the process up and multiple jobs can be written to the same LTO tape so there will be no loss of tape capacity. Remember, the time to update the database depends upon the number of files, not the aggregate size of the backup.