ShotPut Pro licenses are account-based licenses, which means they are not directly tied to one computer. While they can be moved from one computer to another, one license cannot be used on more than one computer at a time. To move the license, simply Deactivate it from the first computer. To Deactivate it, navigate to the application menu in the Macintosh version and the About/Help menu on Windows.

Additionally you can move the license from the website using the instructions below:

1. First, locate the license you would like to move by navigating to Account > View Licenses and then Deactivate it by selecting the edit button at the far right of the table. 

Then scroll down until you see the button marked Deactivate and select it. 

2.Second, follow the same steps as above on the new computer. However, this time upon reaching the Manage License Screen select Download Software.

3. Finally, activate the license on the new computer. Complete instructions can be found here