HP drives perform differently than other drive manufacturers. Due to this, there are some known issues that appear solely when using HP drives and are completely out of our control. 

The first issue in one that only appears when using macOS 10.15, the oldest Mac OS that is supported by myLTO. When using this OS the bundled LTFS that comes installed with myLTO will not work correctly. The issue will occur when attempting to mount your tape with macFUSE and could result in the software crashing.  This is an issue with all HP LTO decks and macOS 10.15.

A second known issue is with HP LTO 6 decks.  Regardless of your macOS version number, these types of decks are not compatible with the bundled LTFS included with myLTO.

To navigate around both of these issues you must download and install a custom HP LTFS. To perform this process please view our FAQ that covers the full download and installation process.