The first step in installing your custom LTFS is to download it the corresponding LTFS package. Download links have been included below for each of 3 main LTFS's.

Quantam LTFS


HPE StoreOpen Software

After installation, locate the LTO Deck you would like to use your custom LTFS with from the left hand drives list. After selecting it, locate the Gear Icon at the top of the screen next to your deck name.

After clicked it, find the header LTFS Options and then the sub header LTFS. Click the dropdown arrow and then select Custom from the list.

Next, select the icon with three dots (...) to bring up finder.

Browse to the location on your local machine where it is installed, usually /usr/local/bin. This location must contain an LTFS executable or an alias to an LTFS executable for it to be a valid selection. 

You can use the LTFS executable at the specified location to perform LTFS operations. If you are not sure where the LTFS executable is installed, you can click the "..." button on the right of this row to open a file picker, which will allow you to choose the LTFS executable.

The LTFS executable is often an alias to an actual LTFS installation.  If this is the case, once Open is selected, the alias location will be resolved to the actual location.

TIP: If an issue ever arises with the selected location, it is recommended to reset this path to the location /usr/local/bin/ltfs.