4 different Tape Commands are available for use in myLTO. Mount LTO

A tape can be mounted by pressing the Mount button on the deck representation in the deck list.  When the mount command is issued, a pinwheel will appear next to the LTO Devices indicating the mount is in progress. Once the tape is almost finished mounting, you may be prompted by the os to allow myLTO to access certain locations. If prompted, please select OK

TIP: If the mount was successful, the device representation will gray out most options and only permit the Unmount command.

Format Tapes

Ultrium LTO tapes are supplied in an unformatted state. The first time you load a tape in the deck myLTO will detect whether the tape is properly formatted for LTFS use. If your tape is brand new, check out this FAQ detailing how to format it. 

This option can also be used to wipe and reformat a tape. Selecting this icon will open a confirmation screen. Pressing Continue will open a panel which allows you to specify the information to be applied to the tape during formatting.

The first option Tape Label allows you to set a custom name for your tape to easily identify it in the future. Tape Labels cannot contain any special characters (e.g. ~, #, $, \, /, *, etc).

The next option, Barcode, allows you to set your tape’s barcode to a custom 6 character combination. This code must only contain numbers and capital letters and can only be set when formatting the tape.

The final option, Use Compression, allows you to define if your files should be compressed on entry. For best performance in archiving video files, leave this option unchecked. Compressed mode will impede write speeds and will not increase tape capacity unless the files you’re backing up are compressible (e.g. text files).

Recover LTO

If an error occurs in your LTO tape, you can attempt a recovery to try and save the data on the tape. Click Recover to open another window with the recovery options.

For a detailed explanation over each of the recovery options in this window, check out our FAQ article, How Do I Use the Tape Recovery Feature?

Eject LTO

The Eject option will physically eject your Tape from your LTO deck. This option should only be selected when you are finished using your tape. This eject option differs from the one seen on the left hand side of your screen in your list of drives. The eject icon located in this list will unmount your drives.