The latest update of myLTO includes visual representations of your LTO Deck and Tape to make it easier to understand your device's states.

Your LTO Deck can be in one of two states. A blue deck icon means your deck is ready to use.

A grey deck icon only appears when the deck is set as a destination within a Preset and is not connected to your computer.

Your LTO Tape has three different states and icons. A blue tape icon indicates that the tape is ready to use. When both the tape and deck icons are blue, you can begin performing jobs. 

A grey tape icon means that the tape has been detected but has yet to be mounted. You cannot write to the tape at this point, but you can perform deck options like formatting and recovery.  

A grey outline of your tape means that no tape has been detected. This could mean that you haven't inserted a tape into your deck or that you have inserted a tape but haven't refreshed the view. To refresh the view, click on the Check for Tape button in the Deck Options View.