The latest myLTO update allows for an index to be loaded upon connecting a drive and a tape, which shows the complete contents of your tape. This index offers various benefits, including the ability to browse your tape's contents without causing it to spin, which saves time and extends both your deck and your tape's lifespan.

 This index can be accessed in two separate ways. The first is by selecting the drop-down arrow to the left of your tape icon in the left hand side of the main view.

The second way is by selecting either the deck or the tape icon in the same area, bringing up the Deck Details View, along with your tape's index.

The index also allows you to find files and drag them into the queue for retrieval. With Optimized Retrieval, myLTO can retrieve all selected files in one clean pass, further prolonging the life of both your deck and tape as well as providing a notable speed boost.

However, the index does not automatically update when new folders/files are added to your tape. To refresh the index, you must first unmount your tape, and then click the refresh button in the Deck Details View.