The process of using Simple Mode in myLTO is virtually the same as in ShotPut Pro. To begin pull up the Simple view by selecting it in the upper left-hand corner.


Next, select the dropdown arrow next to one of your mounted drives on the left. 

Locate the file that you would like to archive and drag that file anywhere into the Copy From area. Additionally, files and folders can be added by right clicking in the queue or dragging directly from Finder.

NOTE: You can easily add multiple files, simply drag and drop as many different ones as you would like.


Locate the tape you want the file to be archived to and drag that down below in the area marked Copy To.  

Give the job a name. If you leave the job name blank, the offload file will default to the current name of the media file. 


Press the Begin button in the upper righthand corner to start the offload. 

NOTE: This process can easily be done in reverse, in order to retrieve an item from a tape. Simply add the file/folder from the Tape's Index to the Copy From area and the drive you would like it to be copied to in the Copy To area.