Open the ShotPut Pro application. 

Click “ShotPut Pro” in the top left corner of the screen. 

Click “Preferences”

Click on the tab entitled “Notifications”

“Enable desktop notifications” allows ShotPut Pro to notify you when a job finishes through a notification on your desktop’s screen. 

Once this option is selected, the option to “Play sound when job completes” appears. The option to play a sound when a job completes will only show if the option to enable desktop notifications is selected first.

“Email & SMS”: There is a button that says “Login”. It will open a tab that will allow you to login to your Imagine Products account. There are three options to log in: the Imagine Products website, Apple, and Google. A verification email will be sent to the email used for login. 

Click the triangle on the circle located to the right. This will open another window where you can customize your profile. There are areas in which you write a nickname, which can be customized however you want, areas to write your first and last name, and an area to enter your phone number.

Once your phone number is added, click the button that says “Verify”. This button will prompt a text to be sent to this number containing a code. Type in the SMS code to verify your number. If by chance during the verification process for either your email or SMS, you do not receive the verification email or text, you can click the “Refresh” button, which will resend this email or text. 

Once both are verified, you can select which of the two you want to be notified on when a job finishes. You can also select neither of the options. 

Finally, at the bottom and next to the “Refresh” button, there is also an option to "Log Out" if you want to. 

Still confused? Watch this video available on our YouTube channel.