Opening your PDF report:

After the job has completed, click on the icon next to the Report Progress Bar

Make sure that PDF is selected on the left hand side. 

Now, view your PDF report in the job details view or view it in Finder by clicking on the file icon directly above your report. 

Interpreting the PDF report:

To the right of the logo, in bolded letters, is the name you gave your job. 

Below the job name is lots of information regarding your completed job. This machine information includes the macOS version used and general hardware information. 

Directly underneath this section is the optional media files section. This section allows you to see more information on the video files included in the job, the media file’s metadata, and the thumbnails for the media files. You can include up to 10 thumbnail images in your reports. This helps to give you a snapshot of the media file and confirm that all images look correct. 

The last portion of your PDF report is located beneath the thumbnails. The general file details section gives you information about the source file and its status of each of its copies. Important integrity information such as the file size and checksums are also reported here.

For more information, a tutorial video walking through the PDF report is available here.