To start an offload with one of the presets you have created, first switch it on. Then, drop the file into the main panel and click the Run Job button in the upper right.

If the Job Name is included in the preset naming scheme, but has not been set, there will be a pop-up window prompting you to fill out the job name field. This pop-up also allows you to review your presets information before the job runs. 

By default this window only pops up if there is missing information. In the Basic Options section of your Preferences, the option to have it always show before an offload is available.  

Now, give the job a name and click “OK”. The offload will begin now.  

Once the offload is completed, you can click on the completed offload to view the job details as well as your different reports.

Still confused? For a complete tutorial check out our YouTube video covering this topic here.