There are 4 customization options available for PDF reports. These options include: “Limit items in PDF report to files only”, “Include thumbnails for video files”, “First thumbnail should match frame”, and “Use custom logo for header”.

Here’s a quick recap of each option:

“Limit items in PDF report to files only” means only files recognized as Media files will be put into the PDF report. Accessory files like normal image files, audio files, text files, etc. will be excluded from the report. 

“Include thumbnails for video files” allows the user to select how many thumbnails they want, ranging anywhere from 1 thumbnail up to 10. 

“First thumbnail should match frame” means that the very first frame of the video will be used to get the first thumbnail. Otherwise, ShotPut Pro will grab the thumbnail from a more equally distributed thumbnail location.

Once the user selects “Use custom logo for header”, they can choose the file to apply. The app will prompt you with a message such as: "Please select a png, tiff, or jpeg image to use as the logo.”
 Currently, these are the only file types supported on Mac.

A complete video tutorial covering the PDF Customization options can be found on our YouTube Channel here.