The 4 types of symbolic link options available on ShotPut Pro are: “Relink to source”, “relink to replicated source”, “copy original source”, and “copy original link”. 

“Relink to source” recreates the link after the copy to point back to the original source. This type of linking can be dangerous because if the links on another drive were not copied they will break if the drives lose connection with each other.

“Relink to replicated source” means that if the file to which the symbolic link file points is included in the offload, a new symbolic link file will be created at the destination to the replicated item on the same destination. This is the recommended option since it essentially matches the relationship that currently exists on the source.

“Copy original source” will find the linked file or directory and copy it in place of the link.

“Copy original link” essentially does a straight copy of the link file without any resolution. This will result in a byte equivalent link file, but may result in some link breaking.

A complete video tutorial covering symbolic links can be found on our YouTube Channel here