There are 8 specific tokens: Drive Name, Auto Numbering, Date Today, Date Create, Date Modified, Job Name, a token containing a folder icon, and Custom Token. 

Drive Name: mirrors the name of the drive you are offloading from

Auto Numbering: starts at zero and continues to increase by 1 for each job you perform within the preset

Date Today: automatically populates the date that you run the job

Date Created: includes the date that the media was originally created

Date Modified: shows the source drive’s last modification date.

Job Name: works the exact same way as the Drive Name token but copies that name of the job instead

Folder Icon Token: creates a new folder within your naming scheme. Each time a new folder is created, it starts a new line and is indicated by the folder icon and an indent.

Custom Token: customizable to however you need to (custom name and can assign value), and can be utilized repeatedly once it is created