The queue options include: “Include folder with drive name”, “Drive contents only”, “Automatically add drives to source queue”, “Begin job upon entry to the queue”, “Automatically open details when job begins”, and “Always show preset preview window”. 

Here's what each option does:

“Include folder with drive name” outputs the contents of the drive to a folder with the drive name inside the destination folder.

 “Drive contents only” only adds the contents of the drive to the queue. 

“Automatically add drives to source queue” adds any drive that is mounted while ShotPut Pro is running to the sources queue for the job. If you do not have this box checked then you’ll have to manually add drives as you connect them.

“Begin job upon entry to the queue” kicks the job off as soon as items are added to an empty queue for the first time.

“Automatically open details when job begins” opens up the Job Details view in the center pane as soon as the job is constructed and ready to start.

“Always show preset preview window” will always prompt the preview window to show up, regardless of if you are missing information or not.

A complete video tutorial covering the queue options can be found on our YouTube Channel here