Below is a quick break down of each verification option:

  • XX Hash–64 is generally the fastest verification checksum and therefore the preferred option for Imagine Products. It is a non-cryptographic hash algorithm, working at speeds close to RAM limits. *Please note, not all production and post-production houses in the UK accept this checksum verification.
  • MD5 was the standard for years before XX Hash-64. Although it is not as fast as XX Hash-64, which is just as secure. MD5 is a 32-bit process and CPU dependent and therefore not as fast as XX Hash 64 (bit).
  • The SHA checksums are generally only used to keep continuity in workflows. They are rigorous checksums but are more antiquated that XX Hash-64 and MD5.
  • The file size comparison compares the file size of the source to the copy. It is faster than the checksums but does not produce a checksum verification file.
  • The Source checksum only (XX Hash-64) collects the source checksum but it does not actually compare the source and the copy. It does this for future reference of the checksum only. It is the fastest verification option but the least secure.

More information on checksums: