PreRoll Post for Macintosh offers several different verification options; here is a breakdown of those choices:

  • LTO Built-in CRC – this verification option actually happens on the tape, not in the application. Basically, the tape offers superior end-to-end data integrity compared to HDD-based systems in archival applications. The end-to-end data integrity is implemented by CRC protected Host records, and by the tape drive doing a read-while-write verification of the actual written data, using a combination of CRC checks and two-layer ECC (Error Correction Codes) protection based on spatial interleaving. This is the fastest verification option and the default in PreRoll Post for Mactintosh.
  • XX Hash–64 is generally the fastest verification checksum comparison option, although with LTO tapes the read process from the tape drives limits the speed of the verification process and therefore there is little performance difference between XX Hash-64 and MD%. *Please note, not all production and post-production houses in the UK accept this checksum verification.
  • MD5 was the standard for years before XX Hash-64.
  • The SHA checksums are generally only used to keep continuity in workflows. They are rigorous checksums but are more antiquated that XX Hash-64 and MD5.

More information on checksums: